Annex 2015



Monitoring and Measurement

From its inception, FP2020 has been committed to leading a transformation in the global monitoring of family planning. Achieving our ambitious goal within eight short years requires aggressive monitoring of country level progress, both to provide countries with timely information for use in making program adjustments, and to help stakeholders develop strategies that wisely target their investments.

Because the success of FP2020 is dependent on the participation of a broad range of partners at the national and global levels, FP2020’s measurement agenda requires a standardized approach to monitoring and evaluation that produces internationally comparable estimates on an annual basis across the 69 FP2020 focus countries. FP2020’s Performance Monitoring & Evidence Working Group (PME WG) was convened with the mandate to provide technical guidance, contribute analytic depth, and exercise intellectual stewardship and quality control over the measurement agenda, including the annual assessment of the FP2020 Core Indicators.

FP2020’s Core Indicator estimates are produced by Track20, a project of Avenir Health, in collaboration with a network of country family planning measurement specialists. Track20 trains country M&E specialists to use the FP2020 Core Indicators in alignment with country family planning strategies, and supports annual country consensus workshops where government ministries of health and diverse stakeholders conduct reviews of family planning data.

By the third anniversary of the London Summit on Family Planning, an unprecedented number of women and girls were using modern methods of contraception: 290.6 million across the 69 FP2020 focus countries. This means there were 24.4 million more women and girls using modern methods of contraception by July 2015, the end of the FP2020’s third year, than there were in July 2012.

For more information on Core Indicator estimates and analysis, download the full FP2020 Commitment to Action: Measurement Annex 2015

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