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FP2020 and Every Woman Every

Launched in September 2010 by the UN Secretary-General, the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health has contributed to significant progress worldwide for women’s and children’s survival and health. The Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) movement that grew out of the Global Strategy mobilized actors from all sectors to work toward shared goals, and strong progress has been made toward the vision of ending all preventable maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent deaths within a generation. FP2020 is aligned with EWEC, and family planning has been the subject of the largest number of commitments to EWEC to date.

FP2020 pledges will continue to be an essential driver for reducing preventable maternal mortality and morbidity and promoting the health and wellbeing of women, children, and adolescents everywhere in the Secretary-General’s updated Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, launched in September 2015 at the UN General Assembly.

Photo by: Prashant Panjiar/FP2020

Positioning family planning’s centrality in the evolving global landscape is critical to achieving the ambitious new goals for the sustainable development of humanity and our planet as set forth by the international community. The year 2020 is an important and quickly approaching milestone on the path toward realizing the Sustainable Development Goals, and urgent action is required to reach the millions of additional women and girls who want to plan if and when they have children but lack the means to do so.

The UN Secretary-General is now inviting bold, meaningful, and measurable commitments—including existing and new FP2020 commitments—to EWEC and the updated Global Strategy.

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