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FP2020 is Fostering Collaboration to Shape Sustainable Markets for Quality-Assured Contraceptives

FP2020’s attention to market dynamics is driven by the need to ensure that family planning commodities are available to meet the goal of 120 million additional users, and that the market is healthy enough to sustain this demand beyond 2020. The Market Dynamics Working Group seeks to improve global and national markets to ensure that women in FP2020 focus countries have access to a broad range of quality-assured, affordable contraceptive methods.


In May 2015, the Family Planning Market Report was published as part of FP2020’s Global Markets Visibility Project, led by the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in conjunction with the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC). The wealth of information in the report fills in crucial gaps in understanding the global market for family planning products, providing consumption and shipment data across all 69 FP2020 focus countries. CHAI and FP2020 cohosted a webinar on the report in July 2015.

FP2020’s Market Dynamics Dashboard is in beta testing and on track for rollout in the coming year. The dashboard is modeled after the successful UNITAID dashboard used in the HIV/AIDS sector, and will provide the family planning sector with a snapshot view of the global market for contraceptive products. This information can be used to identify opportunities and address gaps and bottlenecks in the flow of commodities. FP2020 is leading development of the dashboard in collaboration with RHSC, USAID, Abt Associates, PSI, and the World Bank, with additional input from UNFPA, MSH, FHI 360, DFID, and CHAI.

To improve procurement practices for contraceptive commodities, in 2015 FP2020 conducted an assessment of tenders from key procurers in the global market—including UNFPA, USAID, and social marketing organizations—and commissioned a questionnaire to determine the value procurers assign to current practices. FP2020 also convened a meeting of manufacturers, wholesalers, and select stakeholders to develop an actionable list of recommendations to improve procurement and bidding for contraceptives in FP2020 countries.

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